Malbec. A place to call home.

Own your own home in an exciting, emerging neighbourhood. Ideal for families, couples or singles who just like to unwind away from the hustle and bustle of busy suburban streets, Malbec is an attractive alternative to buying a city apartment, for a similar price. Everything you need is on your doorstep. And with brand new, modern houses, pedestrian-friendly streets, and a safe, relaxed community spirit, this truly is the best of city and country living, combined.

Two large shopping complexes, extensive commuting options, and easy access to all of Auckland. It’s all here.

It’s all here.

Easy access to everything.

Malbec is so much more than modern living. From here you can go anywhere. You’re close to both Central Auckland and the North Shore. With nearby onramps to the SH16 and SH18 motorways from Westgate, the CBD and Takapuna are just a short drive away. Ferries run to Downtown from the Hobsonville Marina, there’s a new bus route on SH16 and a Park ‘n’ Ride planned for the town centre. With the new Waterview Tunnel open, the airport is now only 30 minutes away too.

04 minWestgate Town Centre
07 minKumeu
08 minHobsonville Marina
17 minAlbany Mega Centre
20 minAuckland CBD
22 min Takapuna
30 minAuckland Airport
35 minMuriwai Beach and Woodhill Forest

Get on your bike, the ferry, or catch one of the express busses. Transport options are all here.